Monday, 27 April 2009

KPE Episode 217: "Rugby for Rosie"

"Rugby for Rosie" by Frances Adlam
Shaniah interviews Helen about a book they have read which really appeals to them because it is about a girl who wants to play rugby - and both of these girls like playing rugby at Pt England School.
The story goes like this....
"Rosie wants to play rugby for the school team. And she's good too. The only thing is that Rosie is the only girl who wants to play, and the team need three girls to qualify. So to do what she loves she has to convince the pink-loving, doll-bearing girls at her school that rugby is the sport for them. Things seem impossible until a celebrity the girly girls know very well turns up to give Rosie a hand!"
They tell us that the theme of this story is that you should be yourself, nothing good ever comes from trying to pretend you are someone else.
Have a listen and tell them what you think.


  1. wow!! helen tup and shaniah what a great podcast about rugby for rosieit sounds brilliant and fab it must be a peat with the cusions around

  2. Hi Shaniah and Helen.

    I really liked your podcast. I liked the book you told us Helen. That book did look like a girly book. Anyway i hope you do another one. see you.


  3. Hey Helen,
    That was a really great podcast we done.I hope we work together again and make another podcast.We really make a great Team.

    From Shaniah.

  4. Hi Shaniah

    That was a really cool podcast
    i liked the way we told them about the New Zealand rugby team.I bet we can do a really cool job if we did another one.

    Helen tupou

  5. Good blogging. We like the theme at the end of the story. You are right about the theme to.We should all learn to be ourselves.Raiden,Matthew and Sam from room 8 Grey Lynn School.