Monday, 29 December 2008

KPE Episode 205: "Junkyard Dogs"

"Junkyard Dogs" by Margaret Balderson
Moses and Etta introduce this funny rhyming picture book in our latest podcast from KPE. It tells the story of four spoilt dogs called Billy, Bolly, Bella and Blue who live in a flash house. They have everything a dog could want, but they are bored. On the other side of town, two mutts called Molly and Moo live in a junkyard and spend their days having fun and being clowns. One day Molly and Moo cross town and visit their pampered friends. They decide to break them out and take them out for an excursion - to the rubbish dump. The six dogs have a wonderful time, but the four from the hill are in trouble when they get home dirty and smelly. Things change, however, when the pampered pooches' owner goes bankrupt and is forced to sell his big house and move across town. Guess who the new next door neighbour is?


  1. I've enjoyed listening to your podcast! Well done to Moses and Etta!
    Hey! Etta! I still remember those days when you were in my Year 1 class. Keep working hard and you will be rewarded!

    Love from,
    Mrs She

  2. Hi Moses and Etta

    Well done on completing your very first podcast. I hope that you will both be keen to podcast in year 6. Enjoy the rest of the School holidays.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  3. Wow that story sounds interesting. well done, keep working hard and keep it up. Have a good year at Pt England school.


  4. Hi Moses and Etta that story is interesting. Keep up your good work with the podcasting you two.


  5. HI Moses and Etta that story was cool when are you both doing your next podcast? I will love to hear it.

    From Cruz

  6. Hi Moses and Etta. Your story was amazing. My favourite part was when the dogs were playing in the junkyard. When are you doing your next podcast?
    From Beni

  7. Hi Moses and Etta

    Thoses were good story's.
    I like the story of the cat whu
    run up the tree.

  8. Hi Moses and Etta that story is so cool. My favourite part was when the dogs were playing in the junkyard. When are you two doing your next podcast? i can't wait to listen to your next podcast.

    from Tevita

  9. Hi Moses and Etta,
    That was a good podcast and I liked listening to your story. Do you still think about when me and you used to played rugby. From Ilalio and Marven

  10. WoW you guys are so good
    with your podcasts I wish I could do that but this year I'm going to give it are go.By sylvia and Jarna

  11. Hi Moses and Etta

    We enjoyed your podcast it was enjoyable to listen to I hope you feel like a big year six now and when is your next podcast going to be?
    bye for now Seini-mino and Tule from Rm 15

  12. Hi etta and Moses i really like or podcast it roxs

  13. HiMoses and Etta Ireally Like your podcast did yous like that to?

  14. Hi Etta and Moses

    That was a cool podcast you guys did.
    I hope you make another podcast on kpe.any way that was awsem what you
    did for the whole school.

    From Jarna and Tule

  15. Hi Moses and Etta

    I liked your podcast that was asome i wish i could read that book