Friday, 5 December 2008

KPE Episode 203: "Destination Disaster"

"Destination Disaster" by Fleur Beale Portia interviews Tamika about this book for episode 203 of KPE. Fleur Beale is an author who Pt England students really enjoy and Lacey and the Drama Queen was one of the favourite podcasts of 2008. Destination Disaster is popular with Year 6 students because it is about something that they really enjoy doing - going camping. You should listen to these girls review the book and then if you want to hear about it from boys' point of view check out the podcast Lorenz and Apelu did in 2007 and see what they have to say. Let us know what you think about the different versions of the story. And maybe you could tell us about YOUR camping experiences too...


  1. Hi Portia and Tamika

    Your podcast was fantastic. I liked the part where James saves his grand-dad. Did you both enjoy camp on Kawau Island?

    Mrs Lagitupu

  2. What a tremendous podcaster you have been for KPE Tamika! I wonder how many you have done if we add up last year and this year? Congratulations on your success in reading and all the best for Intermediate. And well done to Portia too for the great job as DJ on this podcast.
    Mrs Burt

  3. well you guy's rock and you guy's are the best what a cool book you guy's have been reading and i hope you guy's do another one in intermidiate
    we wiil are miss you

    by jacob lavaka room 18

  4. HEY!!! Portia and Tamika

    Your podcast was amazing. You two should make another podcast if you are at the some Intermediate. That story was amazing to listen to so keep it up and have a great time at your new school....


  5. kia ora Portia and Tamika

    That was such a cool podcast about Destination Disaster.We liked the part where james saves his Grandpa.If your wondering who we are,were Selena and Ala.Congragulations on your success in your reading and good luck in your reading exams in the future.Bye for now we miss you.

  6. hey everybody Thanx 4 your guy comments you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!! Tamika room12 ri