Friday, 12 December 2008

KPE Episode 204: "Grandpa's Cat"

"Grandpa's Cat" by Joy Watson
Isara and Wyatt are our newest two podcasters from Year 2. You will love this podcast. They talk about another wonderful book about Grandpa and his ever-patient wife. This time, the family cat is missing. Grandma insists that the cat will turn up but Grandpa is determined to find his precious moggy and searches house and garden before discovering the cat high up a tree. How ever will he get it down? You have probably read Grandpa's Shed and Grandpa's Slippers so these boys know you will enjoy this one too. Have a listen and tell them what you think of this book and their first podcast!


  1. Hi Isara and Wyatt!

    I loved listening to your very first podcast. You were both good speakers and I enjoyed finding out where the cat was. Poor Grandpa!

    Well done boys.

    Mrs Lagitupu and Room 18

  2. Great job Isara and Wyatt,
    I loved the way you were both so expressive in your korero! I am so glad that Grandpa didn't get stuck up the tree too!
    Have you read Grandpa's Slippers as well?

    Keep up the great reading boys, I'm looking forward to your next podcast.

    Mrs Nua

  3. great podcast Wyatt and Isara

    you 2 make a cool podcasting team and imagine when you are older and in year 6 you will be making alot and I mean alot oof podcasts but really great podcast.

    from john rm18

  4. Hi Isaea and wyatt your podcast was great. i eyjoyed your book. can t what to hear you next time.

  5. Hey Isara and Wyatt!

    That was awesome for your first podcast.I think that you both were confentdent speakers.

    My favourite part about the story is when the cat is stuck in the tree and the firefighter climb up the tree and rescued the cat. By Taiapa

  6. Hi Isara and wyatt.

    That Was an awesome Podcast for a couple of year 2's.You guys had a great book to podcast on and lukily in the story grandpa didn't get stuck in the tree to with the cat.

  7. Hi Isara and wyatt

    What a graet podcast. I loved listening to your great podcast.
    you did a great job on your
    very first podcast good job
    keep it up

    from Daniel.

  8. Nice podcast Isara and wyatt congrats on your 204th Episode. I hope to see you next year on KPE.

  9. well done Isara and wyatt

    I loved your movie of the podcasting
    and I hope you guys creat another podcast for me to hear please.

    I rally enjoyed your scriped and i would love to hear another one from you beauty children

    by jacob lavaka

  10. HEY!!! Isara and Wyatt !

    That reading was pretty confadent for little kids.You are better then me I have'nt made a podcast and im older then you two but keep it up cant wait to see other one

  11. Hi isars and wyatt

    I was amazed listhening to your movie.Keep up the good work.

  12. Hi Isara and Wyatt
    We visited your class back in November to see you preparing for this podcast. It was so great to hear you talking about 'Grandpa's Cat.' You were both such clear and expressive speakers - hard to believe it was your first time!
    I enjoyed reading 'Grandpa's Slippers' to my little girl and I'm sure she will enjoy this Grandpa story too.
    I look forward to hearing your next podcast,
    from Lavinia Robyns, Rosebank School

  13. Hi Sala and Wyatt,

    That was a great podcast. I still can't believe that you guys were only about 6 years old. Your both much bigger now. I remember doing my first podcast with my sister Tinei. I was one year older than you. I hope you can get a chance to check it out. I can't wait for your next podcast, now that you are year 5.
    Keep up the awesome work!!


  14. Hi Isara and wyatt I really liked listening to your story about grandpas cat.I have read that story to.I hope you have luck on your side when you write your next podcast.Tino pai.