Tuesday, 2 December 2008

KPE Episode 201: "The Boy Who Bounced Around Aotearoa New Zealand"

"The Boy Who Bounced Around Aotearoa New Zealand" by Christine Hurst
This is another special podcast made by two members of the same family. We love it when older family members help the younger ones with their reading and in this podcast you will hear Jordan, who is in Year 6, help his young brother Kingston produce his first podcast for KPE.
Kingston has chosen a funny book to share with us (you probably guessed that already from the title) about a boy called Zac who does a lot of bouncing - including bouncing on the bed. And from what we hear in the podcast it is not only Zac who who does this! We wonder how many kids annoy their parents bouncing on the bed?
In the book Zac bounces from one place to another in New Zealand, so if you want to learn more about New Zealand as well as enjoying a fun read you should read this book. Why don't you tell us if you have been to any of the places in the book.....
We have also discovered that a class at Bucklands Beach Primary School got to meet the author of this book and wrote a blog post about it!


  1. Hi Jordan and Kingston

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast boys. Zac sounds like he has a great imagination. We might need to go and visit Kelly Tarlton's in the holidays so that we can visit the penguins Kingston. What do you think?

    Love from Mum.

  2. Man that was a really cool story. I liked the part when he bounced to the park that was really cool. It is true that if you have a good amaganation you can do anything!!

    From Tanielu Tele'a

  3. That was a great podcast. KIngston, you done great for your first podcast and Jordan, as always you done great. I liked the part in the story was when Zac went on the habour bridge because it was right here in Auckland. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Jordan and Kingston

    I liked it when Zac bounced around Aotearoa. I liked the pictures.

    Well done Kingston for doing your first podcast.

    From Coltrane

  5. Hi Jordanand Kingston,

    Wow Zac had a good imagination i`ve been to the harbor bridge its really big and i`ve walked under it before

    from Tamika

  6. Room 4 at Bucklands Beach Primary were very excited to see you had found our blog post about Christine Hurst's book. We loved listening to her reading it to us. We are most impressed with your podcast and we will continue to follow your posts.

  7. WOW!!! Jordan and Kingston
    I loved your book and also I loved your scripted you two rock.I liked the part when he bounced in to the park that was amazing.That was a great podcast can't wait for the next podcast.

  8. Hi Jordan and Kingston nice movie you got there. your movie was amazing i canit what to here the next story From Beni

  9. HI Jordan and kingston

    that New Zealand story was pretty insterestitng even the front page just looked cool.I wish I could jump on my bed but im not aloud to so yeah.That was cool for that little boy to jump all around New Zealand that would of been insteresting but his mum musted of been worred but keep the work up and keep working hard

    From-Shontal Sue See-ya

  10. What a great podcat. It was ovely to hear my book read aloud. I can't wait for you to read my next one which comes out next year (2010). I'll be sure to send your school a copy.
    Regards, Christine Hurst

  11. To Kingston and Jordan

    Wow this podcast brings back memories. This was recorded in 2008. Its now 2013. Kingston was in Year 3 and Jordan in Year 6. Kingston you are now in Year 8 and your big brother is in Year 11. I might have to read this book to the twins! What a cool podcast to treasure for years to come. Thanks KPE.

    Love from Mum