Monday, 20 October 2008

KPE Episode 193: "Strange Tales From the Mall"

"Strange Tales From the Mall" by Bobb Kerr
Portia and Tamika have produced this podcast and created the graphics to accompany it. This book is a collection of 6 stories centered on the mall where Rusty and his friends meet to eat and shop, but there's something strange about the mall. Tamika talks about her favourite story in the collection, and what happens when Rusty buys a pair of very peculiar jeans from the shop "Walk on the Wild Side". You will want to check this book out as it not only comes highly recommended by our podcasters, but it also won a NZ Post Junior Fiction award back in 1999.
They tell us that their favourite mall is Sylvia Park. Why don't you tell them which is your favourite mall?


  1. Fantastic podcast, Tamika and Portia! I really enjoyed listening to you!

    Miss Burt.

  2. P.S: My favourite mall is Sylvia Park too!

  3. Thanks Georgie, Me and Portia like your comment.Tamika and Portia

  4. Well done Tamika and Portia you both did a fab job on sharing your podcast. The book selected for the podcast was very interesting Tamika - am not a shopper but after listening to your book review I think I will go to West City Mall on Friday and see if anything cool happens to me!

    P,S keep up the great work, dont you think your teacher should do a podcast to share - am thinking they could podcast an old christmas story....just a thought! am always thinking!


  5. Hey Tamika and Portia that was areally great podacst I would love to read the book some day and my favourite mall is Sylvia Park because it has alot of fashoin that I like anyway about the story it was cool. My favourite part was when the boy I forgot his name was wearing jeans that made him go different ways. I like the you both talk really clear and loud it was wonderful.

    From lyn rm17

  6. Hey girls that was a interesting book and I really liked it.The funniest part of the story is when rusty tryed to turn right but turned the oppisite way.

    By Taiapa

  7. Hey nice podcast Tamika and portia.I hope i see another of your podcast

  8. Fantatic podcast,Tamika and portia!I really enjoyed listening to it

  9. Well done Portia and Tamika.

    You to girls did an excellent job on that book.You guys had good expression.Those drawing of the jeans and especially the clock were good.Sylvia park is my favourite mall to.Hope to hear another podcast from both of you girls.Excellent and awesome job well done.

  10. Thank-you Guys for all your wonderful comments I really appreciate them.


    Yours sincerely