Wednesday, 20 August 2008

KPE Episode 184 - "Pandora's Box"

"Pandora's Box" by Pauline Cartwright
This book is reviewed by John from Room 18 and his classmate Ramona is his DJ for the podcast.If you know anything about myths and legends you might be thinking that this book is a retelling of the story of Pandora' Box. You would be wrong. It is about a boy called Aidan who lives alone with this father and they have some fun times together. They paint the words "Pandora's Box" on a shed outside because they keep bees in there. You could click this link if you are interested in finding out what that has to do with the old legend. You really should listen to this podcast to find out what happens in this book because it has a great plot and they recommend it highly. John tells us that besides writing a fun story the author is telling us that crime doesn't pay! Sounds like a good message.....


  1. Hi John and Ramona What a fantastic podccast. Aidan is really good at thinking ahead is'nt he.He was really brave as well. I would be really scared if a stranger came into my house while I was home alone,but my parents never leave me home by my self.You have put alot of effort into this podcast.You both have alot of expression.

  2. Hi John and Ramona that was a awsome book and Aidan must of been a really brainy boy he must of had a good imagination.I think Aidan should not have been in the house by himself.

    By Taiapa

  3. Hi from FIrth School Pod-casting group. We think you sounded really enthusiastic when you were reading. For Year 6 students you guys are really talented. We know we can learn some skill from you guys. Awesome!

  4. Hi John and Ramona

    Awesome podcast I like the way you used good expression. My favourite part was when Aidan thought of the plan to teach the man a lesson. That was a really cool podcast. I can't wait till your next podcast!

  5. Hi John and Ramona

    Great podcast. I thought that you did a fantastic job creating an interesting script. Good use of expression from the both of you. Well done.

  6. Hi John and Ramona. What a fantastic podcast!!! Aidan is really good at thinking ahead! He was really Brave. By the way what a interesting script!

    Shyarn room17

  7. wow you guys!!
    pretty awesome.i thought that that podcast is so cool and ramona,i've read the article that you and tinei did.its called podcasting to the world.