Wednesday, 20 August 2008

KPE Episode 185 - "Rough, Tough and had Enough"

"Rough, Tough and had Enough" by Mary Barrow.
Leilani has been reading this exciting adventure story and Alisi interviews her about the book. These girls are both Year 6 students at Pt England School.
Michael, the main character in this book, is a real city boy and he likes playing play station and watching television way more than going outside. Michael’s father
is a real outdoors man and he decides to take Michael tramping - which he is not happy about! They stay in a hut in the bush and have a lot of experiences that Michael doesn’t really enjoy at first. And you will have guessed that they end up having some pretty exciting adventures together.
The girls recommend this book as a great read for girls as well as boys (the publishers say it is a boys book!) and Leilani tells us that the message this author is bringing in this book is the same as one of our koreros at Pt England School - "Give it a go!" You have a much more interesting life if you give new things a go, don't you? Have a listen to their podcast.....



  1. Hi Leilani and Alisi great podcast about this book.I liked it when Micheal helped his dad get to safety and when he never gave up he was really brave.I think the moral of the story is never give up just give it a go.

    By Taiapa

  2. Hi girls I really liked your podcast. I just want to say it looked like you's two were having so much fun.MaN he must of been very brave.I wish I was brave just like him. I hope you keep up the graet work. from malama.

  3. Hi Leilani and Alisi awesome podcast.I liked it the old man taught Micheal how to keep safe in the bushes it must of been a really cool experience.I can't wait for your next podcast.

    By Taiapa

  4. Hi leilani and Alisi.Great podcast about the book! I liked it when Micheal helped his dad get to safety!
    He was realy brave and he never gave up!
    Shyarn room17

  5. Hey Leilani and Alisi that podcast was very great. The part I really enjoyed was when Micheal helped his dad. He sure did sound realy brave. I would love to read the book it sounds really fantastic.

    From lyn rm18

  6. Hi Leilani and Alisi your podcast was very amazing i enjoyed it I cant wait tohear another podcast from one of use.

    From Leander

  7. Hi Girls.A really great podcast there .I enjoyed listening to your podcast it was amazing.

    From Robin rm17