Wednesday, 6 August 2008

KPE Episode 183 - "Duffy's Search for the Pohutakawa Seeds"

"Duffy's Search for the Pohutakawa Seeds" by Alan Duff.
Tinei and Leilani talk about a book that was written by the man who founded the Books in Homes foundation. At Pt England School we all get given wonderful books by Books in Homes. We get to pick them from a catalogue and when they come we take them home to keep. So it is really good that we can tell you about one of Alan Duff's books.
Duffy is the hero of this story and he has to look for pohutukawa seeds for a school project and
he isn't very interested. There are many other things he'd rather be doing, like taking a nap, which he manages to do on the back of an old truck.
But when he wakes up, he finds himself in Rotorua and he's about to discover a lot more than pohutukawa seeds: friendship, adventure and knowledge about himself and a fascinating part of his country. He also realises that life is full of exciting choices."
We know that you will enjoy this podcast and the book they are talking about. Why don't you tell us what is the best Duffy book you have ever been given...?


  1. what a interesting story about Duffy and the puhutakawa seeds
    By Rachael

  2. to leilani and tinei you guys have read are really interresting and it was really dangeras
    by Etta

  3. Hi Tinei and Leilani,

    Awesome podcast. It was intresting and clear voices and alot of expression. I agree I wouldn't swim across with eels in it.

    From Tanisha

  4. Hey Tinei and Leilani that was a interesting story the thing I like about you guys is you expressed your self well and I can't wait for your next podcast.

    By Taiapa

  5. Hi Tinei and Leilani

    Great podcast. I enjoyed listening to your description about some of the interesting sites in Rotorua.

    Luckily Duffy was ok after he did all those challenges. His friend didn't sound so responsible after all.
    Keep up the fantastic work girls.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  6. Hey Leilani and Tinei great podcast that was really interesting. I liked the way you expressed yourself
    and the way you spoke it was really clear.That was pretty dangerous when Duffy had to swim in a lake with eels in it Duffy's friend was really mean.

    By Taiapa,Caleb and Coltrane

  7. Hey Leilani and Tinei interesting podcast about duffy he must of been very very scaerd but what would you do if you were a far away from home.

    By Mokani

  8. Hi Tinei and Leilani,
    awesome podcast it was very interesting. It had great expression and nice clear voices. I agree with you i wouldn't swim across with ells in it.

    Wayjo :}

  9. Great report on this book guys Congratulations

  10. Hey you two!
    That sounds like an awesome book. Lovely presenting.

  11. Hi Tinei and Leilani.
    Great podcast.
    I liked the way you both used expresion.
    I can't wait to hear your next podcast.

    from Caprice

  12. Hey Leilani and Tenei that book was really interesting it sounds like a really cool read and anyway the book sounds reaaly scary and dangerous if I was lost my dad would be worrid to death.I would love to hear another cool podcast. It was cool when you explained the story with expression.

    From Lyn rm17