Monday, 4 August 2008

KPE Episode 182 "The Magic Noodle Show"

"The Magic Noodle Show" by Janice Marriott
Leoden and Campbell are in Room 15, a Year 5 class, and they have written and recorded this podcast. They tell us about a book by an author who has taken time out to visit Pt England School because she heard about our podcasts. This story is about a boy called Hong. Hong's class is having a careers afternoon, and his grandfather is coming to talk about his job. Hong's family runs a Chinese restaurant, and he's nervous about what his classmates will think when his grandfather speaks. How can making noodles be interesting? Well you will find out as you listen that making noodles is VERY interesting and that these boys love to eat them!

Tell them about your favourite noodle dish.


  1. Hey Leoden and Campbell that was a really interesting book and I liked it how you can be proud of yourself and Leoden I liked the way you spoke and Campbell I liked it when you were wearing your uniform with pride.

    By Taiapa

  2. What a cool podcast you have done

  3. !!!WOW!!!

    Hey Leoden and Campbell that story was pretty instreting noodles are yummy BYE BYE

  4. jacob click here to visit blog18 August 2008 at 9:16 am

    hey leoden and campbeel that was a great noodle podcast you guys have been reading and i like noodle soup tooand you two i cant wait to hear another podcast

  5. wow Campbell and Leoden what a great podcast about the magic noodle show keep up the good work.I also liked the voices you two used.

  6. Hi Leoden and Campbell,What a great story. Good clear pronounciation of the maori at the start. From Tinei and Kiani Nua.