Monday, 4 February 2008

Podcasting with KPE in 2007

Sharon Rose, Sarah and Lorenz put together this movie to summarise what has happened with Korero Pt England in 2007. You will be surprised at how many different opportunities our podcasters had because of KPE! These three people have had the opportunity to tell heaps of adults all about KPE in 2007 and they have become very polished public speakers - as well as good readers. This was their final publication for KPE before they left Pt England to go to Intermediate school.
Good luck in everything you do team. You have been fantastic!


  1. Brilliant- you have told your story really well. This would be a really great movie to show people what a good idea your podcasting is.

    You have met some great people, learnt new skills and obviously read heaps.

    All the best for 2008

    Miss K

    Appleby School

  2. i really like the story they are cool.

    Andrea R10

  3. Awesome Podcast Sarah and Lorenz and Sharon Rose. We really enjoyed listening to your podcast. You have done an awesome job of it. All the best for your next podcast.

    From Paulitia and Destiney