Wednesday, 6 February 2008

KPE Episode158 - "Girl Saves Tree"

"Girl Saves Giant" by Lesley Jane. In this podcast Xeneqe interviews Tanisha about the book she has been reading. This story is about a courageous young girl who saves a 400 year old tree from being cut down to make way for a new carpark! It has a really good message about looking after our environment. The heroine stages a protest by sitting in the tree and refusing to come down until the mayor and the council take notice of her. She is a determined young lady and succeeds in her quest.

This is what our podcasters have to say:
Hi, my name is Tanisha. I read "Girl Saves Gialnt". The book tells a good story and I enjoyed reading it. My favourite part of the book was when she was saving the tree and when she had an interview with Ronnie King. I enjoyed doing the podcast with Xeneqe, she was a good D.J. I can't wait to do another one with her.
Hi my name is Xeneqe. I enjoyed doing the podcast. My favourite part was when Sally got mentioned on the radio. I hope you enjoy listening to our podcast.
From Tanisha and Xeneqe.

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  1. That podcast was so awesome Xeneque and Tanisha someday I wish I could read that book becasue that podcast was so cool and I would love to read it for SSR so then I can do a podcast like you two!!!!!

    shyarn room17

  2. Hi xeneqe and Tanisha that podcast was fantastic.You had lovely clear voices and awesome expresion That is a full on story isn't it anyway I can't wait till your next podcast.

  3. Hi Xeneque and Tanisha

    Great podcast and great expression. I am going to try get this book out of the libary. Can't wait till your next podcast. You two are awesome podcasters. I liked all of your podcast. I found it really interesting that a girl would try and save a tree.

    Matthew Rm 18

  4. Really good expression Tanisha and Xeneque. I will try to find the book in the library when we have time. Keep up the good work.