Sunday, 9 September 2007

KPE Episode 139 - "Glow Worm Night"

"Glow Worm Night" by Don Long.
Moses and Kaleli share this book with us. It is a story about two children who are taken glow worming by their parents at Matariki. In order to reach the bank beside the river where the glow warms are the family must walk through the bush. They see lots of night time animals like moreporks, possums and crawlies.
Our podcasters are both in Room 17 and they recently saw Glow Worms when their class went on a trip to the Waitakeres. They are hoping they will see more on their class camp next term at Kawau Island.


  1. hi moses and kylele, i liked your podcast it was graet hope you get another one good luck from tamika rm 16

  2. Hey,

    Great podcast. I really enjoyed listening to it because of all the effort and expression you guys put into it.

    Rm 18

  3. HI that podcast was great.I think you should do another podcast because its great.Good luck FROM LOA Rm 17