Wednesday, 19 September 2012

KPE Episode 437: Dinosaur Rescue: Stego - Snottysaurus

Gloria from room 17 has recently interviewed Lisia about a book she has been reading called Stego - Snottysaurus by Kyle Mewburn, which is a apart of a great series called Dinosaur Rescue.

A CaveBoy named Arg has a very special friend named Skeet, who happens to be a dinosaur. A terrible flu has spread across Arg's village causing chaos in his tribe and a whole lot of problems. Arg discovers that the flu is very deadly to dinosaurs and unfortunately  Skeet hasn't escaped the flu, and the only way for him to get better and all the other dinsosaur's, is to retrieve the snot from Stego - Snottysaurus and get the dinosaurs to lick it.

 Skeet and Arg set out on their biggest adventure yet, that will bring them many suprises on the way!

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