Wednesday, 12 August 2009

KPE Episode 236: "Hark the Herald Angel"

"Hark the Herald Angel" by William Taylor was read by Sela from Room 18 and her classmate Paulitia is her DJ for this latest episode of KPE.

Sela says she chose this book because it was another book in a series about a boy called Charlie Kenny and his entertaining nemesis, Alice Pepper.
The subscribers to KPE may well have listened to the podcasts we published about "Knitwits" and "Numbskulls" in previous years.

This book was just as much fun to read and it is based around the school Christmas play. Alice gets to produce the play and Charlie has to be 'Hark', which is of course the name of the Herald Angel.


  1. Hello Sela and Paulitia. What a great podcast! You have me wanting to read this book now. It's timely - as you pointed out, we are preparing for our own production this term. It's a good message you've picked up from this story - we certainly need to take it on board for our production too - as you said. Keep up the good work girls. Looking forward to your next podcast.

  2. This sounds like a awesome book to read sometime. Where can you get it from? Or can I get it from the library? Hark the Herald Angel was great!


  3. Well done Paulitia and Sela. An interesting book!