Tuesday, 10 March 2009

KPE Episode 212: "Knitwits"

Knitwits by William Taylor
Tanielu and Paulitia have recorded a podcast about a book they read at the end of last year when they were in Year 5 with Ms Squires. They never quite got their podcast organised in all the end of year excitement, so Mrs Lagitupu (their teacher this year) suggested they take another look at Knitwits and publish their podcast now.
So you are about to enjoy a very polished podcast by two talented presenters.
This is what happens in the story:
" On the worst day of 9-year-old Chas Kenny's life, his cat dies, he is kicked off the hockey team, and his mother announces that she is pregnant. Although he is unhappy about being a brother, Chas doesn't like it when Alice Pepper, his next-door neighbor and best friend, says bad things about the baby. In response, Chas skites that he is so excited he intends to knit a jersey for the baby! Sneaky Alice bets him $5. a day for life against her skull collection that he will not be able to make such a gift in time. As events happen during the following months, Chas grows really excited about the new arrival while he struggles to win his bet and prove to Alice that he is not a 'knitwit.' "
Tanielu and Paulitia tell us about the story and talk about achieving your goals, which is the theme of this story. Their advice for us is not to take any notice of people who try to put you off achieving your goals because they don't have faith in you.


  1. Wow that story was awesome and amazing god work guyes and awesome speaking tanielu and paulitia

  2. Wow That story was awesome Tanielu and Paulitia.And I like the knit wits book because I have read it to.

    From Moses

  3. Cool story paulitia and tanielu.
    Cant wait untill you do another podcast.

    From Bobbi-Grace

  4. Hey Tanielu and Paulitia That podcast was awsome!
    You bothed sounded great and good expression.Can't wait to hear more podcasts.

    From Caprice.
    ST Mary's College.

  5. That is a really cool story you got there.
    When you talking about the book knitwits I just felt like reading it myself.
    I really enjoyed your podcast as well.
    Well Done!!!

    Frm SPX Room6

  6. WOW!!! Tanielu and paulitia what great story I loved it when you smile . knit's wit's and I hope read it to

  7. cool poadcast taielu you a very creative.Good work paulitia keep it up I hope you to make another fantastic podcast.

  8. That was a cool padcast tanielu and paulitia.Keep the good work up.I would like to see more of your padcast because that was a cool book so as I said keep the good and I loved that book.

  9. Your blog is the best one ever. My name is L.W and my school is Botany Downs Primary School. The book we chose was very interesting and the best part was when she was being mean and he thought he was his best friend.