Tuesday, 4 August 2009

KPE Episode 235: "Putting on a Concert and the Television News"

"Putting on a Concert and the Television News" was written by Roger Hall and illustrated by Rob Mancini. Angela and Selena from Room 15 have read this story and bring us a podcast to share their conversation about what they thought and learned. This picture book is a story about a group of kids who need something interesting to do in the school holidays and come up with some creative ways to entertain themselves and others. As you can guess from the title, their ideas included putting on a concert AND the television news. Both of these ideas were interesting to our podcasters because Pt England School is working towards the school production at the moment, A Toy Story, AND we have our own television news channel, The Pt England News Network (PE.N.N)


  1. Diana-Grace @ Te Papa Education5 August 2009 at 7:35 PM

    I really enjoyed listening toyour blog! Yes Imagination is all we need to make things happen! That what I always say at work if we can imagine it, it can happen. Loved how you put the different images with your report. :)

  2. i really need this book for my daughters show them that you dont need material things to have fun, using your imagination is wayyy better :) and cheaper for mum and dad :)..excellent report girls.

    shoal and khaias mum