Wednesday, 22 July 2009

KPE Episode 234: "The Star of Bethlehem"

"The Star of Bethlehem" comes from an anthology called "The Book with No Name" by 27 Tauranga writers. This podcast was created by Mubasshira and Sylvia who are Year 5 students in Room 15. They selected one story to discuss in detail and it centres around a family who go to a Garage Sale and the daughter who brings home a star - the Star of Bethlehem. She really didn't have much use for it until one day she decided to include it as a prop in a speech she was giving at school. And that led to the happy outcome of this story. It turns out that this star is very special to someone in the audience. And if you listen to the podcast you will find out who it was and the story behind it!
The Book With No Name
The Book with No Name: 27 short stories from Tauranga Writers for Children.
Why The Book with No Name? Primary pupils said they would have to read it!
NZ$12.00 posted within NZ. Please send cheque with order to Tauranga
Writers for Children, 15 Cathray Place, Tauranga; enquiries 07 576 1943 or


  1. Hi Sylvia & Mubasshira
    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. What an interesting name this book has! do you think the title would encourage people to read the book or put them off?
    I think your voices have good expression and you wrote a very good script. Well done!

    Mr Burt

  2. Hi there, I was quite curious about the book after listening to your excellent podcast and I searched on Google and found out that it is published by a group of writers who live in Tauranga. There is even a story online about why they called it "The Book with no Name". I wonder if you have discovered the answer to that yet?
    Mrs Burt