Monday, 16 March 2009

KPE Episode 213: "Charlie the Cheeky Kea"

"Charlie the Cheeky Kea" by Jack Lasenby

Hossanah and Tina present their first podcast for KPE. They are Year 5 students from Room 14 and they have been reading a cool picture book about one of New Zealand's native birds, Charlie the Kea. From what they tell us, not only will you hear a really good story, but you will also find out a lot about New Zealand. Tell the girls what you think of their podcast and if you have ever seen a Kea, let us know where you saw it.


  1. Great podcast Tina i liked your expresions great work keep it up.

  2. Great job girls! Haven't seen a kea, but can't wait to see one.

  3. Hi Tina and Hosanna

    Well done for completing your first podcast for the year. I really liked seeing the interesting pictures from the book and I liked the way you talked about the story. Well done.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  4. Awesome girls

    I like the way you talked about the story.I really liked seeing the intresting pictures from the book.

  5. Awesome podcast Tina and Hosanna, it is a cool move tina and that story.keep the good work up in class girls.Was taht your fist podcast Tina and Hosanna?

  6. I was very pleased to see that you have joined the KPE crew Tina and Hosanna.
    You have done well with your first podcast and I look forward to hearing more soon.
    Mrs Burt

  7. WOW Girls
    what intresting work you done.I bet you have had fun making this movie on K.P.E.I thought it was amazing I think that was the best movie I have seen so far .Great work girls keep it up it was a nice movie it was also a fabulos one.

  8. WE are from Appleby School in Nelson and we thought it was a great podcast too.

    We thought that you chose a good story. We have it in our library as well. You made us want to go and read the book so we found it in our library and we read it.