Tuesday, 17 March 2009

KPE 214: "Bit Scream"

"Bit Scream" by Richard Gunther
Tyler and Jacob
from Room 18 tell us about a book with a most unusual title and a pretty unusual plot. The main character, Michael loves it when his father drives fast in his car. One wintery night when they are driving home, with the headlights lighting up the snaking, twisting road, they take the corners at dangerous speed. The car whistles like a bullet towards a sharp bend .... suddenly Michael knows they're not going to make it.
"Dad! Dad! Stop!
Michael wakes up in hospital, at the beginning of an unfolding nightmare. Why does his voice seem distant, his body unreal? Why do the nurses all look the same? Why has the old scar disappeared from his hand?
Gradually things begin to be explained and Micheal learns what is real and what is not in this 'Virtual Reality'. Have a listen and tell them what you think....


  1. Hi my name blessing and I am leaving a comment.jacob i really like the way that you drawed a picture to show whats happening in the story. And tyler I like the way you are very confiedent to read anithig also you read loud and cleary. by now. ka kiti ano.

  2. Hey Jacob and Tyler
    Nice pocast of bit scream well i felt sorry for Michael how he went to the hospatial.

  3. Hey Jacob and Tyler

    I really like the way you drawed the picture to show what happens in the stroy.

  4. Awsome job Tyler and jacob that stroy it neally made me scream but is was a great move and keep that great work in class ok.

  5. Hi Tyler and Jacob
    This was quite a crazy plot that you chose to review and you did it well. Told us enough to make it interesting but left us with lots more to read and find out for ourselves.
    I can see why you enjoyed this book with Jacob now a champion driver - good luck with the soap box derby nationals coming up!
    I really liked your graphics that you drew too. Well done.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you two
    Mrs Burt

  6. Hi Jacob and Tyler
    Cool story Tyler and Jacob.
    Nice picture Jacob and cool
    draweding.Cool Pocast of bit

    By Tamara

  7. Hey there Tyler and Jacob,

    Cool podcast nice podcast you've got!! Hmm "Bit Scream" sounds like an amazing book! Its sad though how Micheal went to hospital. Its really cool how Jacob drew a very detailed picture. Anyway again nice podcast.


  8. Hi I like your stories because you chose descriptive books and you used loud voices. I am from Botany Downs school and my name is M.T

  9. Hi my name is G.S, I liked the book Bit Scream, first I liked how you illustrated it with all the beautiful pictures, secondly I liked how you said the story because you said it really nicely. I am from Botany Downs Primary.

  10. You are so good at doing blogs, the best part was when it said "dad, dad stop" My name is E.W I am from Botany Downs School. Your blog is very very cool.

  11. Wow Tyler and Jacob what an interesting story.I hope Michel did not die.

    I'll be back to read more!

  12. Hi Jacob and Tyler that was a great story you wrote I'm wanting to get the book

    year 4 extension