Monday, 12 January 2009

KPE Episode 208: "Lucky for Some"

"Lucky for Some" by Fleur Beale

Tinei interviews Leilani in this podcast about the second book in a series by Fleur Beale. Leilani told us about the first book, Lacey and the Drama Queens, a few months ago and we have been waiting to hear what Lacey gets up to next. In this book she is forced to go and live in the country - which not only means leaving the city life she loves but also means a change of schools. And in this new environment she has all kinds of adventures. For any of you who enjoyed the stories of her dancing classes in the first book you won't be disappointed here because although she lives in the country now she still goes to dance classes. This series comes highly recommended by these podcasters.
Tell us what you think.....


  1. A great podcast girls. I liked the message you gave this story Leilani. I wish you both the best for this year!
    Miss Lavakula

  2. hi well done tinei and leylani what a great podcast you are doing i can't waiiit to hear another podcast from you guy girl's in intermidiate.we all all miss you and have a great time in college and intermidiate.


  3. hey tenei and lelani
    cool podacast guys i wish you the both the best year ever.

  4. A great job Podcast girls.
    I wish you you done another podcast at your new school.Well that all for me.Good luck at your new school!

    FrOme Helen tupou

  5. Hello girls What an alsome podcast you done.Good luck at your new school.Cant wait to hear another one.

    Frome Helen tupou

  6. Hi Tenei and Lelani

    Your story was the best. I canit what to here your next story.

  7. Hi Tinei and Leilani,

    That was a great podcast.I loved the expression in your voices when you were talking. If I was Lacey I would be pretty sad that I would have to move from the city to the country. They are both so different,but it would be pretty cool to have a pool.
    Keep up the great work girls.