Sunday, 25 November 2007

KPE Episode152 - "Pania of the Reef"

'Pania of the Reef' by Peter Gossage.
Rasil and Iese from Room 18 introduce this well known and loved New Zealand story. This is Iese's first podcast.
It is a legend about a sea maiden called Pania who lived on the reef. She fell in love with a man who lived on land and they had a son called Moremore. Every morning Pania would return to her sea people, but her husband was afraid that one night she would not return with their son but stay with the sea people. He tried to keep Pania on land by placing cooked food next to her and their son while they were asleep. He hoped she would eat it and never be able to go back to the sea again, but his plan didn’t work and she did go back to the sea people and never returned.

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  1. good effort Iese, well done on the DJ'ing.