Sunday, 4 November 2007

KPE Episode 149 "Midnight Rescue"

"Midnight Rescue" by Robin Kerr is the book reviewed in this episode. Lanivia from Room 17 has been reading the book and asked Kelvin to be his DJ. This is Kelvin's first podcast.
Midnight Rescue is a story about a girl called Kate who moves to a new town with her family and has to leave her friends behind. The first kids she meets at her new place are two boys called Chris and Alex. They think they are really cool because they got a book out of the library about abseiling and they are trying to teach themselves how to do it. They don't know that Kate is a very experienced abseiler and even owns her own gear. They tell her that she can't join in with them because girls are scared of heights. Well you can guess from the title of the book that someone has to get rescued, and we can tell you that it wasn't Kate! She was the one who was DOING the rescue. Lani is sure you will enjoy reading this book as much as he did. Why don't you get it out of the library and see for yourself?


  1. Hi Lani and Kelvin
    I am so glad that book turned up so we could publish your podcast at last. It has been waiting a while hasn't it? Kelvin, you did very well for your first time. You must do another one before the end of the year. Lani, you keep getting better and better and I really appreciate the way you help other people with their podcasts. You are very kind.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Well done you two. I just now received an email from the author of your book! She sounded so impressed with your podcast. Keep up the wonderful work, boys.
    Mr Chung

  3. Lani and Kelvin,

    I was messing around on the internet and found your podcast about my book, Midnight Rescue! It was awesome! I live in Portland, Oregon now, which is on the west coast of the US, but I am a New Zealander so it was brilliant to hear your Kiwi accents doing the reviewing. I grinned and grinned the whole time I was listening. Midnight Rescue was the first book I wrote - and it was based on my own early abseiling experience. I went on to do a bit of rock climbing, which is really fun too.

    I'm writing a series now which is about thirteen-year-olds, Lucie and Rodney, who are agents for Lucie's father's World Secret Service. They have to solve cases that involve kids in trouble - and usually they have to solve codes, travel around the world, run, rock climb, sail . . . you name it, but only in the holidays because the rest of the year they have to go to school!

    Anyway, thanks so much for making my day. Feel free to e-mail me back with questions about anything.


  4. Hi Robin Kerr

    Thanks for your comment. We didn't know you were in America. Midnight rescue is prety cool because we absailed before in camp it was fun and Kelvin was right. Girls can do anything.
    We had fun podcasting your book.

    By Lani.

  5. Hi Robin Kerr

    This is Kelvin here. I will be doing A podcast called Eye in the Sky by Janice Marriott. Sorry it's not one of your books but when I finish you can have a listen to it. Reply back when ever you can. What will be the name of your next new book?

    Thank you for replying.

    from Kelvin :D

  6. Kelvin and Lani,
    It was great to hear back from you. Rock climbing is even more fun than absailing. If you get a chance, try it out. When kids ask me about what you need to do to write, I tell them there are two really important things - read lots and do stuff. If you read, you'll know HOW to write and if you do stuff, you'll know WHAT to write. Pretty straight-forward, huh.

    And thanks for asking about my newest book. It's called Correction Island. I'll send a copy to your school when it's published. Hopefully it'll be early next year.

    Keep up the reading and pod-casting. It's brilliant. And have a wonderful summer holiday.