Tuesday, 29 May 2012

KPE Episode 415: "The Secrets Of Droon, Journey to the Volcano Palace"

Kayde and Matthew are both in Year 8 at Pt England School and they are in Room 20.  They have been reading "The Secrets Of Droon, Journey to the Volcano Palace" by Tony Abbott.
Eric, Julie and Neal have a problem. The nasty Lord Sparr has stolen a magic jewel from their friend Princess Keeah. The Princess really needs their help. The good news is that the jewel is in Lord Sparr's secret palace. The bad news is that the secret palace is in a volcano!

These two boys spin a great yarn in this podcast, starting with....

Kayde: Matthew, contemplate this. Imagine if there was a basement in your house.
Matthew: Yeah.

Kayde: And you walked down some stairs where you were suddenly teleported to another world. What do you think that world would be called? Matthew: I don’t know Kayde!

Kayde: Well when that happens in this book they end up in a world called Droon.

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