Monday, 7 May 2012

KPE Episode 414: "Boy vs Beast : Book4"

This latest episode of KPE has been created by two Year 8 boys from Room 20.  Kayde has been reading "Boy vs Beast : Battle of the Worlds - Book4" by  Mac Park and Cruz interviews him about the book.
The main character is a 12 year old boy called Kai Masters and and he lives in a world surrounded by monster-like beasts. A wall surrounds the humans protecting them from the beasts and Kai is one of the security guards on the wall.

"Only a wall lies between the Beasts of Beastium and Earth -and Kai Masters, border guard. When a freaky red tornado hits, Kai knows it's time for battle. Kai chooses his Astro-Jet Striker to battle the wind beast. Can it win over a wind attack?"

Check out this awesome website designed to support the books?


  1. That might be an awesome book some day I would want to read that book and good on you. Keep reading and never stop reading

  2. Hey interesting book you've read. I think I've read a book like that story. Good job.