Thursday, 16 June 2011

KPE Episode 360: "End of the Alphabet"

We have another Fleur Beale podcast to share with you. In this episode Vivienne interviews Litia about "End of the Alphabet" - a book Litia has been reading in the holidays. You will find this a detailed and fun review of this book - we highly recommend you take a listen.

Ruby Yarrow is a 14 year old who lives in a busy, loving, chaotic family with her mum, stepdad, brother and two little stepbrothers. Ruby feels a bit like a doormat - she has to help out in the family a lot while her brother doesn't. He wins lots of prizes at school and she has a learning difficulty and needs a reader/writer to help her in exams. Ruby's surname Yarrow is at the end of the alphabet and when the roll gets called out she's always at the end and she hates it. She feels she's always at the end of the line. Not that she's a misery bag at all. She has great friends and loves clothes, fashion magazines and sewing and she's got a real knack for it. She's very keen to go on the school trip to Brazil and so gets a job to earn the money to go - works in a supermarket for an old grump, learns a bit of Portuguese, meets exchange students….


  1. Hi i like your store and your pitcher keep it going.

  2. What a fabulous podcast girls. You have created a comprehensive review of the story and kept it entertaining and fast paced. I also love the photos. Who was your photographer?

    Mrs Burt