Sunday, 12 June 2011

KPE Episode 357: "The Magic Wand"

Makalita and Alexandria have been reading "The Magic Wand" by Ursula Dubosarsky . This is a book in the Aussie Nibbles series.

"When Becky's little brother Ed annoys her, she puts a spell on him with her magic wand, and he disappears! Where is he? Has he really disappeared? Becky is worried."

They tell us the korero for this book is, "If someone is annoying, you shouldn't do something bad to them. Don't let your anger get the best of you!"
Aussie Nibbles: The Magic Wand by Ursula Dubosarsky


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  2. HEY This is Levi from Ashburton Netherby School. Our teacher has given us an opportunity to look through your blog. I really liked the Magic Wand Podcast. We are looking at creating our own. Are they hard to make?