Tuesday, 18 January 2011

KPE Episode 339: Fantastic Mr Fox

Kayla and Sylvia bring us the wonderful Roald Dahl story called, "The Fantastic Mr Fox". The antics of Bogus, Bunce and Bean - and how they are out-foxed- are loved by readers old and young.  We expect you know this story well.  Why don't you have a listen to these two girls and maybe leave them a comment about YOUR favourite part of the book!


  1. Hi Kayla and Sylvia. My name is Mr. Nelson and I am from Mobile, Alabama in the U.S. I think you two did a wonderful job with your podcast of Fantastic Mr. Fox. I have never read this book but I feel like I have read it just by listening to you. I enjoyed the whole book and thank you for breaking it down so well for me. What I liked the most was that you said there are no foxes in New Zealand. I had no idea, there are so many things that I learn every day and now I know that there are no foxes there. I think the both of you have done a fabulous job and should continue learning and teaching others through your podcasts. KPE keep up the good work and I will be back to see how you are doing.

  2. Hi Nelson,

    Thank You for that wonderful comment you sent the both of us we think that comment was great. I would also like to thank you for taking your time to read our podcast about Fantastic Mr Fox. Thanks once again for the beautiful comment.

    Yours Truly,
    Kayla and Sylvia

  3. Hello Kayla and Sylvia ,
    My name is Justin Hyde and I am a student in Dr. Stranges EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I felt that your podcast was very well put together and you did a great job explaining this interesting book. I like how you did not only just come out and tell details about the book , but you asked informative questions as well. The fact that your images were keeping up with the story telling really kept me entertained. I like the great work KPE keep it up. This is the link to my class blog,http://hydejustinedm310.blogspot.com/, if you would like to get into some interesting discussions about technology in education.

  4. Hello Kayla & Sylvia,

    I am joining my classmates from the University of South Alabama in Mobile to visit your blog! My name is Amanda Lloyd and believe it or not, I am a 41 year old student. See, you're never too old to learn! I really enjoyed your podcast about, "The Fantastic Mr. Fox!" I'm sure that your teacher, Ms. Naugle is very proud of your reading comprehension and wonderful public speaking skills! I really enjoyed hearing the enthusiasm in your voices when you told about the characters in the book. You're right! The moral, "don't steal," teaches honesty and integrity! You can take this lesson alone and go far in life! Have you seen the movie? My oldest daughter had a course at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in film making. She learned to make films based on the techniques used in the movie version. I emailed her and told her that I had viewed your podcast and she told me to tell you a little about how the movie was made. It's really a neat process. It was made with a technique called "stop-frame animation." All of the sets and characters were made by hand. They were not digital. Pictures were taken of the characters in different positions and settings (stopping and framing them.) Then the pictures were combined (24 pictures per second) to make the movie. I can't even imagine how much time this took and how patient the animators had to be! Can you? The animators told about a night when they took a break from filming to sleep. Overnight, it rained and the humidity changed the position of the set by less than one centimeter. Because the animation is so precise, they had to scrap all of their work and start again. If you haven't seen the movie, you might talk with your parents and teacher about it (for their consent and preview.) You've already read the best version...books are always better than movies! Oh...I had a red-tailed fox cross the road in front of my van last week. They are beautiful! You taught me something I didn't know...no foxes in New Zealand! Interesting! My blog address is lloydamandaedm310.blogspot.com. Keep up the great work and as we say "down South"...bye ya'll!

  5. No problem! The both of you have done a great job and deserve awesome comments.

  6. Hi I loved your podcast it was soooo cool. You have made me want to read the book and see the movei aswel. You have done a fantastic job with your podcasts.


  8. Hello Ladies,
    great job with this podcast! My brother and sister and I used to love having this book read to us. You should see if you can find the tape where Roald Dahl reads the book aloud. It is very cool. Mrs Burt might still have it in her car!
    Awesome work.

  9. Hey Kayla and Sylvia,

    I think that you two done a wonderful job with your podcast about 'Fantasstic Mr Fox'. That book was really interesting your podcast made me want to read it. It felt like I have already read the book just by listening to your podcast. Well keep up the good work and I hope to see another interesting podacst that you have done.