Monday, 20 December 2010

KPE Episode 335: Big Fish Little Fish

Unaloto and Kobe podcast "Big Fish Little Fish" by  Melanie Drewery.
Jeremy wants to win the local fishing competition. He has his heart set on the first prize of a spinning sure-catch reel and a snap-resistant rod. He has plans to go out on his friend's dad's speed boat, but then his grandad offers to take him out in his old rowboat - and his mum accepts on his behalf!

The author's message is that it's not the size of the fish, it is the reason for catching the fish that counts. A section at the back of the book has information on fishing and the whaling industry in New Zealand.


  1. Hello Kobe and Unaloto!

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  3. hey guys
    that was a cool podcast about big fish little fish

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