Thursday, 20 May 2010

KPE Episode 261: "Crash"

Ala and Selena discuss "Crash" by William Taylor in the latest episode of KPE.
Read this synopsis of the story, listen to their podcast, and we think you will be wanting to read this book for yourself!

"Jack is nearly sixteen and as he becomes older, he is finding that having a Down’s Syndrome brother is becoming harder and harder for him to bear.  He considers Poddy to be a hindrance and a nuisance, he thinks Poddy is useless.
Poddy, on the other hand, adores his big brother.  Always eager to share with him, Poddy seeks out opportunities to be with Jack and to help him. 
An afternoon at the rugby turns to disaster when their car crashes on the way home. Badly injured, barely alive, Jack and his father wait for help. Everything Poddy has ever been told or taught is called upon as he struggles to bring help for the people he loves most in the world...."


  1. Hi Selena and Ala,
    I liked watching your movie about your guys podcust.
    I wonder If yous could come and teach us also have
    you read a book called The frog Prince?
    From Sela Rm10

  2. Hey Ala ans Selena,

    Your podcast was great! I like the way you both spoke through he microphone clearly. I wish my new podcast coming up sounds like that.


    From Sylvia.

  3. Hi Pocasters,

    Thank you very much for leaving me a comment on one of my latest podcasts. And no I haven't read The frog Prince sorry. One day if I am free I would love to come and teach you Sela. Once again thank you for leaving me a comment.

    Yours truly, Ala