Thursday, 6 May 2010

KPE Episode 255: "Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!"

"Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!" by Todd Strasser is podcast by Erene and Kayde from Room 17.
This book is about a kid named Jake Sherman and his teacher, Mr Dirksen. Jake the kid always gets in trouble with his teacher Mr Dirksen because he always messes around in class. One day something happens that changes everything. Mr Dirksen changes into Jake and Jake changes into Mr Dirksen. At first Jake doesn't want to be Mr Dirksen, but after a couple of days he likes it because he can do things that a kid can't do. Mr Dirksen likes to be Jake because he never had a childhood and now he has a chance to be a kid! 
We are sure you will want to read this book when you have listened to their podcast!

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