Thursday, 29 April 2010

KPE Episode 253: "Captain Underpants..."

Toreka and Seini-Mino
"Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People" - the eight epic novel by Dav Pilkey is one of those "must reads".
In this book George, Harold, Sulu and Crackers end up in an alternate universe where the whole world is the opposite of their normal world. Good is bad, smart is not at all intelligent, and heroes are villains. There they meet Captain Underpants's evil twin, Captain Blunderpants and evil versions of George and Harold. Sulu and Crackers are kidnapped by George and Harold's evil counterparts and are hypnotized to be evil. Sulu becomes evil and attacks the good George and Harold but Crackers on the other hand, saves them.  You could fid out more about the story here.

After you have listened to Toreka and Seini-Mino's podcast, why don't you tell them which is YOUR favourite Captain Underpants book....

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  1. Hi there Seini-Mino and Toreka.

    We enjoyed listening to your podcast tonight. Purple Port-a-loo...a time! Was the different world Pt England School? Sounds like it - nice teachers and principal...

    Good work girls. We think you have done a good job - with the 'little sprinkles on top'. Good use of expression to hook us into your podcast. Malo lava.

    Toreka's mum & Justus