Thursday, 22 April 2010

KPE Episode 252: "Call of the Cruins"

Litia and Makerita, Room 15
Litia and Rita are Year 5 students in Room 15.  They have chosen to tell us about "Call of the Cruins" by Elizabeth Pulford for Episode 252 of KPE.  They not only discuss this very interesting story, but they also are able to share some of their learning because the whole class has been learning about the early European settlers to New Zealand.  If you visit the links to their blogs above you will find out a lot more by watching their movies and animations.
"Call of the Cruins" tells us about the realities of pioneering life in early New Zealand.  Emeline Malone (the main character) is a child of the 1880s and this story tells of her everyday life and responsibilities which are so very different to those faced by children today.   Life in a sealing community was difficult. In this book Emeline risks her life to save a baby seal.  Now she has the responsibility of ensuring its survival.  Her determination to keep her secret Cruin alive tests her resourcefulness and ingenuity. Life in a pioneering community, especially one that earns its living from the dangerous job of seal hunting, is harsh.  When her father and brother go missing in a boating disaster, Emeline and her family face a very dark future. 
Have a listen and tell them what you know about the life of the early settlers.....

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  1. Hi Litia and Rita,
    That really seems like a interesting book. Hopefully I could grab that book from the library and read the last bit. Well bye for now and keep it up girls.
    Alofa a lot from Nive.