Monday, 29 March 2010

KPE Episode 250: "Harry Houdini - Wonderdog!"

Waata and Darius - Room 15
For our 250th episode of Korero Pt England Waata and Darius have chosen to bring us the exploits of William Taylor's Wonder Dog - Harry Houdini!  In this book Joe convinces his father to save a dog from death row at the local pound, and then everything changes for the family. Joe calls his new pet Harry Houdini after the famous magician and escape artist. Harry is nothing to look at, and his habits leave a lot to be desired, but Joe loves Harry. However, Joe's mum and dad and his sister Lizzie all want to send Harry back to the dog pound.


  1. Kia Ora Darius and Waata,
    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. You both did a wonderful job sharing this book with us. It made me laugh when Harry Houdini the dog started eating everything at home. I'm glad that Joe and his family didn't send Houdini back to the pound or did they?
    Keep up the great work boys.

    Miss Lavakula

  2. We really liked listening to your summary, and we hope we can read the book too.

    Class 5-503, Ms. Linda Forrest
    PS116 Queens, New York USA

  3. Hey Boys,
    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast.I had a bit of a giggle when Harry tried to eat every thing in the house.But on the other hand well done and I look foward to seeing more podcasts in the future.

    From Kayde

  4. Hi Darius & Waata

    I really enjoyed hearing and watching your podcast.
    It was really cool that you have been learning about dogs.
    Was the dog a nice dog our a mean dog?
    I am very glade that you did a really good podcast.
    Keep up the good work.
    From Aidan

  5. Hi Darius and Waata
    I liked your podcast and I liked the expresion you used and it sounded cool so I am looking foward to commenting on some more work. See you next time.

    From KingstonL

  6. Hi darius & Waata that was really a cool podcast, Both of you did a amazing speach and I am looking foward to your next podcast keep it up!!!

  7. Hi guys

    that was a really cool podcast we hope you make another cool podcast

    from the cool cats

  8. Thanks for your comments we really like them. You should watch our next podcast it is called something weird about Mr Foster it is really exciting. Once again thanks for your comments.

    By Waata