Wednesday, 10 March 2010

KPE Episode 249: "Albert"

"Albert" by William Taylor

Litia and Rita are now in Year 5 and they have chosen "Albert" for their first podcast in 2010. Joey's Mum loves going to the Refuse Transfer Station (another name for the rubbish dump) because she often finds treasures there. The most valuable treasure Joey and his mother ever found at the dump was Albert, a very suprising cat.
Rita tells us about some of the amusing incidents which occur when Albert joins their family, and leaves us with a cliff hanger when Albert goes missing.

This sounds like a fun book to read. If you have read it, tell us what you think about their podcast. And if you have a cat at home, tell us one of the funny things YOUR cat has done!


  1. Congratulations girls. You have done a fabulous job of podcasting this book. You sound like seasoned podcasters. I really enjoyed listening to the aspects of the plot you chose to discuss. You did a great job of leaving me wanting to read the book to find out what happened at the end.
    I wonder if the author had a message for us in this book? Your next step will be to think about the theme of the book for your next podcast.

  2. Hi Litia and Rita

    Great podcast girls. I think that Albert is one crazy cat alright! And what a cool name for a cat. Sounds like he got up to a lot of mischief. I wonder if Joey's family regret taking the cat in the first place. I remember owning a cat that liked to poo everywhere in the house too! Well done, and I can't wait to listen to your next podcast.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the comment I really hope I don't get a cat.Thanks.
    From Rita.

  4. Hi Rita and Litia

    That was a great podcast that you did. Cannot wait until your next podcast. Keep the great work up.


  5. Hi Litia and Rita
    What a cool podcast you both did. What would do if you had a cat like that and you never knew about what he has been doing.Any way that was a great podcast.I liked the way you both talked.I can't wait to listen to your next podcast

    From Ashleigh

  6. Hi Litia and Rita,

    Great podcast.Albert sounds like a really naughty cat leaving his poop under Karies blankets.I cant wait till your next podcast.

    By Shoal

  7. Teresa said... Hi Litia and Rita I really liked how you told what happens in the book. I think you girls have been practicing by the looks of things.Im looking forward to hearing your next podcast.

  8. Teresa said... Hi there Litia and Rita I really liked your podcast.looking forward to see your next podcast.

  9. Hi Litia & Rita,

    graet story about Albert kepp up the good work.

  10. Dear Litia and Rita,
    That was a great show! We liked how you used clear voices. We also liked how you told us about the story. You talked about the story well.
    From Maya and Juanita.

  11. I am impressed girls you've done a great job of this Podcast!! What a naughty cat Albert was I don't think I'd be looking for my cat if it behaved the way that Albert did!
    I'll be looking forward to your next Podcast.
    Mrs Nua

  12. hi guys

    that was a really funny podcast about Albert.

    from the cool cats

  13. Thank You All for the comment. If I have enough time I might comment on your blogs.
    From Makerita.