Friday, 11 December 2009

KPE Episode 246: "Captain Felonius"

Matthew and Lepa have read "Captain Felonius" by Joy Cowley. This book is such a favourite of kiwi kids that we think EVERYONE has read it. You probably have listened to one of our previous podcasts about "Happy Birthday Mrs Felonius" too.
Listen to their latest podcast and see if they have covered all your favourite parts of the story. And let them know what you think about the very interesting morals they concluded with.


  1. Well done boys. You have made a real effort to make this podcast interesting to listen to and I think that the moral you talked about was a very good one to remember. The world would be a much happier place if we all tried hard not to irritate each other! Have a great holiday and I look forward to hearing you back on KPE in 2010. Mrs Burt

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  3. To Matthew and Lepa,
    I really liked your podcast. I liked it because it is a cool story. Did you guys like doing it?
    From Elijah in Room 8 at Grey Lynn School.

  4. Hi Matthew and Lepa,

    Iv'e read that story on the second day of school.
    Lepa you really have to read that book because it's really funny.

    From Gabriel

  5. Hi Matthew and Lepa,Iv'e read that story on the second day of school.Lepa you really have to read the rest of the story because it was really funny.

    From Gabriel

  6. Hi Lepa & Matthew
    We have read that story to and I think that it was good that he stopped swearing.
    He was keeping it real.

    From: Kingston & Starford

  7. Hi Guys
    I have read that story befour Our teacher read it to us once.That is a good story that can teach you a lesson.Lukly the Caption stopped swearing but noow the crew is swearing But apart from that that was a good podcast you both did

    Form Ashleigh


    Great story and a great lesson! Thanks for sharing guys.

    -Kathleen Cleary
    Ormond Bch, FL

  9. Your podcast was interesting. We like your accent. You have a lot of interesting details. We want to read that story too.

  10. hello i thought that you podcast was very instresting it would be a very good book for my brother cause he swears all the time
    i will be looking forward to your next podcast bye for now