Friday, 27 February 2009

KPE Episode 211: "The Curse of Being Pharoah"

"The Curse of Being Pharoah" by Janice Marriott
Leoden and Sela from Room 18 have been reading this book and they give us an excellent recount of what the story is all about. You will find out their thoughts on bullies and you may agree with them after you have listened to the podcast that "what goes around, comes around".
As well as enjoying the book and having fun making the podcast these two presenters had a special thing happen while they were recording the podcast. Robyn Janes, a reporter from TVNZ "Close Up", was in the school with a camera person and she filmed them creating this podcast. We are still waiting for the interview to appear on television, but you can be sure that when it does we will provide a link to the programme from here to. So keep checking back.
And let us know what you think of this book....


  1. Great Podcast guys!! Matt does sound like a very bad bully but Karen got Matt back REALLY good!! That was great you two. Keep up the good work!

    From Tanielu

  2. Hey Sela and Leoden Great podcast there. I hope you make another podcast keep up the good work!!

    From Shaniah

  3. WOW that story was awesome. next time I am going to watch that agane.And god Job Leoden and Sela.

  4. Wow Leoden it must of been hard to write the scrip by the way I am looking at it.I thought that was awesome speking to Sela.

  5. March 2009 at 7:10 PM

    Talofa lava sela and leoden,
    That was a great book you've got there.That is so sad how matt bully's other children exspecially karen.By the way You two have got really clear voices.Hope to hear another podcast from you two again also keep on working hard and a have a great time for your last year at pt england school keep up the fantastic job!

    From Helen Tui

  6. WOW! leden how things have you been on your amazing.That's a cool story it's very two keep up the exeelent work.

  7. WoW that was a cool as book it blow my mind and I would like to see more of your books because that was a asome stroy that you just read.

  8. wow that was a cool as stroy.keep the good work up. From Joe