Tuesday, 17 February 2009

KPE Episode 210: "Midnight Lightning"

"Midnight Lightning" by John Parsons
Beni and Jacob welcome back our subscribers to our 4th year of podcasting with another exciting kids' book to tell us about. These boys have started their final year at Pt England School and are Year 6 students in Room 18. We have realised that our original KPE podcasters are now in Year 10! Wow, time flies!
This book is very timely for us at Pt England because it is about a go-kart race and we are getting very excited about kart racing here because we are entering the soap box derby on March 22. This will be heaps of fun and we have an amazing prize to aim for. The winners get to go to America to race in the finals in Akron, Ohio.
To give you an idea of what this book is about from the blurb:
"Nicky's dad is convinced that he is great at building and repairing things. But Nicky and his mother know better. Everything Dad touches is a disaster. So when a go-kart race is announced,Nicky is sure he is going to die of embarrassment in the kart he and his father will build. At first, everything seems to be going well, but a disasterous test run means that another plan is needed and quickly!"
We know you will enjoy the podcast below, and if you want to read more, get hold of the book or click this link to see it on Google Books.


  1. well done beni i knew that you would be a good dj and you have worked very well for the first podcast in 2009.

    well i hope we do another one before the end of next month ay.

    see you later and i will have a great day listening to our pod cast ka kite ano

  2. This is Beni that read the Story with jacob the story we read was a very amazing story and it was very long to read but that was a nice story by

  3. I see you again wow this is a very cool story man i can't stop listening to it now i hope we post another podcast next month

  4. Hi well done Jacob and beni this is shaniah and i loved listening to your podcast i can't stop listening to it and i hope you post another one

  5. (WWOOWW) that was the best story that i read. that is a amazing story so jacob its beni what happend next please tale me next time by

  6. WOW!!! jacob and beni

    What a great podcast iwas listening to it and i thought Wow these guy's really ROCK you people are really cool


    COOL and i hope you guy's help me in podcxasting

  8. Hi jacob and Beni
    Its Kalim. That story you read is amazing. I can't wait see our schools kart when we enter the race. When are you making another podcast?

  9. Very interseting story Jacob and Beni that was a good book that you chose to do.Keep up the good work guys!!

    From Tanielu

  10. Hey Jacob and Beni
    Well done that was amazing I really liked it. That was a very interesting podcast.Keep up the great work and I hope you do another podcast soon. All the best guys.


  11. Hi Beni and Jacob.

    Well done boys for completing the very first podcast for 2009! I was impressed with the way you boys were keen to read the book and take notes so quickly. Not bad for your first go.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  12. Hi Beni and Jacob
    Congratulations on being the first published podcasters for KPE in 2009.
    You chose a great book and wrote an interesting script to share the story with us. It was especially good timing to talk about Midnight Lightning when Pt England is preparing to enter the soap box derby. I hope you get to be involved too.
    Mrs Burt

  13. Wow i lived your podcast Beni and Jacob i hope you Guys have a great dayu

  14. hey jacob and beni well done i really enjoyed your podcast. i hope you guys make a nather podcast.

    from shaniah.

  15. hi jacob and and beni i really liked listing to your podcast and i hope you do another podcast.Have a great day.

    from victoria

  16. well done beni what a great podcast is this your first podcast? well this is a great stoty oh and well done jacob that was a great story keep it up well done you guys

    by ngaina

  17. Hi Beni and Jacob!!!

    That podcast was pretty insteresting that trolley was like our's for the soap box derby Im in that team too but we might not be in the team because we have not found out but keep it up hope you do another one


  18. Great job Beni and Jacob,
    A fantastic first podcast. It sounds an interesting story. God luck for the soap box derby. I'm sure you will have lots of fun.

  19. Wow looks like you put alot of effort in to this podcast.

    see you next time.

    Latu room17

  20. Well done Beni and Jacob you two have done a great job with your podcast. Well done completing your first podcast. i canit wait to listen to your next podcast. Keep it up with the good job.


  21. Well done Beni and Jacob

    That podcast was pretty insteresting that trolley look's like our soap box derby car the player's are going to be going to drive but keep it up and hope you do another one


    From- Helen Tupou

  22. Great job Jacob and Beni

    I liked that story.Im in the Soap Box Derby Team too.Hope we win the race ae Jacob.
    Well hope to hear another podcast of your guys soon.

    From Destiney

  23. Hey Beni,Jacob
    Nice podcast and what a intersting podcast.

  24. Well done jacob and beni that was a cool story.I in jod that lovly story about trolley and that is right we do have same thing like that trolley.Did you know this is one of my best story in podcasting.Keep the good work up.

  25. HI BENI
    out there love by taniela