Wednesday, 25 September 2013

KPE Episode 464: " A Sudden Puff Of Glittering Smoke"

Clevelyn is a year 7 student in Room 19 who has been reading a very interesting novel called " A Sudden Puff Of Glittering Smoke" By Anne Fine. His classmate Howard has been interviewing Clevelyn to find out more about this exciting novel

Imagine if you found a ring on your way to school and it turned out to be magical just by giving it a rub... Well luckily for Jeanie this happened to her and out popped a genie.
Sounds like the coolest thing right?? 

Unfortunately not quite Jeanie is quick to realise that this genie is a rather grumpy one and has a different outlook in the world

Take a listen and find out for yourself how great this book is

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  1. Well done Clevelyn for having your very first podcast published on KPE! I enjoyed listening to this podcast about a genie. It seems as though you have to be very careful what you wish for!