Thursday, 20 June 2013

KPE Episode 459: "Hollie Chips"

Vivienne has been reading "Hollie Chips" by Anna Gowan and Brooklyn interviews her.
These girls are Year 8 students from Room 21 at Pt England School.
An unusual thing about this book is that the author has a blog about the book!

We recommend that after you have listened to this podcast you check out the stuff the author has posted herself about it.

When Hollie Chips and her mum move to Puriti Road, Hollie is baffled by the way her neighbours all keep to themselves. But Hollie is a remarkable little girl, and it isn't long before she has charmed her way into their

When she discovers that a dastardly businessman is trying to buy up their houses, to bulldoze them and build a dog food factory (which he has told them will be an orphanage!), the neighbours have to band together with Hollie and her mum to outwit him!

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  1. WOW thats awesome girls, you can tell that you girls worked really hard on this review. Im definately going to check out the authors blog right after this !!! Ka Pai - Corey Iosefo