Tuesday, 7 February 2012

KPE Episode 412: "Meet me by the Steelmen"

Shoal reviews a book she read while she was in Room 17 last year, and Brooklyn - our KPE Podcaster of the Year in 2011 - interviews her.
This book is called "Meet me by the Steelmen" written by Teresa Tomlinson. A girl named Jenny, along with her mother and brother, is at a mall called Meadow Hall. Meadow Hall Shopping Centre used to be the famous Steelworks in Sheffield. Jenny’s little brother can’t take his eyes off these towering statues of steelman from the Hadfields Steelworks that used to be standing where the mall now is built. Steve and Jenny get involved in an exciting journey in time in "Meet Me by the Steelmen", when they find something strange about the three great steel statues in Sheffield's Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Jenny and her brother Steve somehow go back in time when they meet by the bronze statues of three steelmen.


  1. Hi Shoal and Brooklyn,

    The movie that you 2 made was fantastic. "Meet me by the Steelmen" by Teresa Tomlinson,
    I thought that book was amazing. Did u? Well, KEEP IT UP U 2!!

  2. HEY shoal and Brooklyn,

    This is a very interesting podcast you have told us about on this video about KPE. I love the way you told us about the story you have been reading. Have you finished this story Meet Me By the Steelmen yet? One day I want to read a book like that because it is so interesting. Keep up the great work girls. Can not wait to hear another podcast from you two girls.

  3. Hi Brooklyn and Shoal,
    What a great story that was nicely said. To me your reading is great and fantastic. I think you should do more KPE because you guys have a talent and that talent is READING!!! I hope you love reading because I sure do. Keep up the great work. FANTASTIC AND AWESOME!!!!!!!! I think your a better reader than I am
    By Mary Room 13

  4. Hello Shoal and Brooklyn,
    Awesome podcast! I thought this book was very interesting. The pictures were fantastic. I wonder who took them? Anyway keep up the great work in and out of class.


    1. Haha Vivienne - does that comment mean this is more of your brilliant photography? If so, congratulations :)

      Mrs Burt