Monday, 11 July 2011

KPE Episode 363: "Maximum Boy"

Max "Maximum Boy" Silver is a 11 year old hero. He lives on the north side of Chicago next to Lake Michigan. He lives with his mum, his dad and his teenage sister, Tiffany. He has braces, glasses, and superpowers: he can lift freight trains, fly faster than a space shuttle, and burp the alphabet. He has an adult friend named Porter "Tortoise Man" Torrington, who has a power called the Tortoise Ray.
Max has a few weaknesses. Milk products and sweet potatoes give him a bad upset stomach. Ragweed makes him sneeze his head off. Seeing and hearing maths makes him weak and dizzy.

Check out what Kingston and Starford have to say about "Maximum Boy" by Dan Greenburg in this podcast - and have a look at their fabulous animation.  Don't forget to give them some feedback....

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